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10 Best Salons for Eyelash Extensions


Disclaimer: The companies featured in this article are listed in no particular order and do not reflect any particular ranking. The mention of a company here should not be construed as an endorsement or suggestion. The content in this article is for general information purposes only. Readers are strongly encouraged to perform their own research and due diligence before considering any interaction with the listed companies. 

Eyelash extensions have become a must-have beauty treatment for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty and achieve alluring, fluttery lashes. When it comes to getting eyelash extensions, it’s essential to choose a reputable salon with experienced professionals to ensure a safe and stunning result. In this article, we present the top 10 salons for your eyelash extensions, where you can trust the expertise of the lash artists and walk out with fabulous lashes that turn heads.


Image by Dr.Lash

As the name suggests, DR. LASH are experts when it comes to everything lashes. Renowned as one of the finest lash salons in Singapore, DR. LASH presents an array of 8 distinct lash extension styles, including 3 inspired by the Kardashian sisters. Their personalised consultations are designed to understand your facial features, preferences and eye shape, ensuring the creation of a flawless lash set that complements your natural beauty and takes your look to the next level. DR. LASH is conveniently located all across the island, with outlets at Orchard Central, Paya Lebar, Vivo City, Tanjong Pagar and Westgate. So no matter where you live, beautiful lashes are only a stone’s throw away!

2. Browhaus

Image by Browhaus

Although Browhaus is primarily recognized for its exceptional brow services, they also provide lash extension services. At Browhaus, you can conveniently get both your brows and lashes done all under the same roof! With their Lash In Bloom service, your eyes are beautifully framed, creating the illusion of bigger and bolder eyes, drawing attention to the captivating windows of your soul.

3. Tame Lash House

Image by Tame Lash House

Tame Lash House is where Japanese eyelash extension techniques reign supreme, delivering natural and long-lasting lashes. Nestled in the serene enclave of Upper Thomson Road, Tame Lash House specialises in delivering natural-looking, long-lasting lash extensions. Their signature ‘Starlake’ style is a mesmerising blend of alternating lash lengths, creating a wispy yet alluring cat-eye effect that will make your eyes pop. For a more understated flutter, consider the Korean pinched style. With seven unique styles designed by the founder herself, you’ll find no shortage of lash options at Tame.

4. MyLash Singapore

Image by MyLash Singapore

As veterans in the field of lash extensions, MyLash has remained a trailblazer in the industry for the last 15 years. Their team of eyelash artists boasts IEDA certification and extensive professional training. With their exclusive MyLash Touch technique, concerns about losing natural lashes with extensions are a thing of the past. This innovative approach not only ensures long-lasting results but also prioritises the health of your natural lashes, leaving you with both beautiful extensions and nurtured natural lashes.

5. Flutters

Image by The Smart Local

Experience sheer luxury at Flutters, an enchanting lash parlour nestled in the heart of Duxton. Delight in a range of services, including individual and cluster lash extensions, as well as lash curling, tailored to cater to all your lash desires. From dramatic transformations to subtle enhancements perfect for everyday wear, Flutters is your go-to destination for all things lashes.

6. The Lash Icon

Image by The Lash Icon

Crafted to complement your natural eyelashes, The Lash Icon features a myriad of lash designs that range from subtle everyday looks to striking 3D, 4D or even 6D lashes that add a voluminous flutter to your look. At The Lash Icons, you can trust their skilled lash technicians to fulfil your vision and deliver the desired results.

7. Private Room

Image by The Private Room

Discover your best-kept beauty secret at the Private Room, the ultimate destination for flawless eyelash extensions. Utilising premium 100% synthetic lashes imported from Korea, they ensure the highest quality lash sets that deliver a natural, enchanting, and fluttery look.

At the Private Room, the number of lashes is not a problem, as their certified lash technicians skillfully customise your extensions, adding as many or as few lashes as you desire to achieve your dream effect. Embrace the luxury of personalised lash artistry and experience the magic of the Private Room for captivating and mesmerising lashes.

8. The Lash Chapter

Image by The Lash Chapter

A favourite among celebrities, influencers and your everyday girl, The Lash Chapter is where you can indulge in a range of beauty services, including eyelash extensions, brow microblading, lip blushing, and more. Delight in their extensive lash selection, offering various lengths, curls, and even colours to craft your perfect, beautiful lash look. Let The Lash Chapter be your destination for a comprehensive beauty experience that leaves you feeling like a star.

9. The Infinity Lash

Image by The Infinity Lash

A hidden gem nestled in Katong, The Infinity Lash offers exclusive limited slots per day with just one therapist, providing an intimate and gentle experience in their inviting space. If you prefer a natural look, The Infinity Lash has you covered with a straightforward selection of Single Lashes. For a fuller effect and a cat-eye appearance, we recommend the Mixed Volume Lash styles in the lengths and curls you desire for a winged eyeliner effect.


Image by KIRAME

Step into the world of Japanese-inspired premium lash beauty at KIRAME, where top-notch products sourced directly from Korea and Japan elevate your kawaii style. Embrace the cuteness and charm as they not only provide exceptional eyelash extension services but also offer eyebrow embroidery services and lash regrowth treatments. Indulge in a complete beauty experience that will leave you looking and feeling absolutely adorable.

When it comes to enhancing your beauty with eyelash extensions in Singapore, choosing a reputable salon is essential. The top 10 salons listed above have earned their reputation for delivering outstanding results and maintaining the health of your natural lashes. Whether you prefer a natural or dramatic look, these salons have the expertise to create customised lash sets that leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Remember to schedule a consultation before your appointment to discuss your preferences and any potential allergies, ensuring a safe and satisfying lash extension experience.


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