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10 Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

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It is only October, yet 2023 has bourne tons of iconic moments that we will be sure to remember for years to come.  have a fantastic array of costume options to choose from, reflecting the trends, movies, and music that have taken the world by storm. From classic favourites to contemporary icons, here are 10 trendy halloween costumes inspired by iconic pop culture moments of 2023.

1. Barbie & Ken

Photo: Warner Bros

Barbie and Ken, the beloved timeless dolls, have experienced a resurgence in the spotlight through Greta Gerwig’s cinematic vision in “Barbie” 2023. This blockbuster film, ranking among the year’s highest-grossing hits, has not only reignited our fondness for these iconic characters but also sparked a wealth of costume inspiration. Credit goes in part to the relationship between Margot Robbie and Chanel which have collectively enriched the world of costume design.

Elevate your Halloween game by selecting from an array of iconic Barbie-inspired looks. Whether you opt for the classic Stereotypical Barbie, embrace the disco era with Disco Barbie, or channel your inner Wild West with Cowboy Barbie, you’re sure to make a striking impression.

Consider enlisting a Ken if you have one, or embrace your inner quirkiness with a twist on the classic—Weird Barbie. Remember, you’re still Barbie even without Ken!

2. Wednesday Addams

Photo: Netflix & Paramount Pictures

The dark and brooding Wednesday Addams, from the eerie Addams Family, continues to capture hearts, especially of a new generation after the Netflix’s series, Wednesday. Her signature gothic attire and deadpan demeanour is sure to make for a chic and spooky costume choice that never goes out of style. We love the extravagant ruffles contrasted with a snitched waist in the dress Jenna Ortega wears for the school dance but the classic Wednesday outfit will never go wrong either. 

3. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Photo: Disney

While dressing up as Disney characters is a tale as old as time, this year’s The Little Mermaid costumes are going to be looking a little different. The live-action rendition of The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey as Ariel has brought us many looks, and one we are obsessed with is her  corset-style dress and accessorised with a thick-pick knit headband. Top it off with shimmery mermaid-inspired makeup and you’ll be in a costume fit for a princess.

4. Indiana Jones

Photo: Disney

Thanks to the upcoming release of a new Indiana Jones movie in 2023, this classic adventurer is back in the spotlight. Don your fedora, leather jacket, and a whip for an action-packed costume that’s perfect for the brave and daring.

5. M3GAN

Photo: Universal Pictures

Inspired by the sci-fi thriller “M3GAN,” this costume pays homage to the film’s AI-driven storyline. To get her killer wardrobe, start with a beige babydoll dress with buttons, a striped long sleeved shirt, white stockings, some mary janes and finish off with her signature striped bow.

6. Taylor Swift Eras

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift’s ever-evolving style and musical journey offer an abundant wellspring of iconic eras to explore. You’ll find inspiration galore, whether from her chart-topping albums, dazzling tour ensembles, or the intricate costumes her dedicated fans proudly flaunt. Whether you’re channelling “Red,” “Fearless,” or “1989,” donning a Taylor Swift-inspired costume pays homage to the artist’s enduring impact on the tapestry of pop culture.

7. Euphoria

Photo: HBO

There is no doubt that the looks of the hit HBO series “Euphoria” have changed the fashion and makeup landscape. Ushering in a dynamic new era, there is no better way to stand out than to dress as the casts of the show. Whether your style leans more vibrant and playful like Jules, traditionally feminine like Cassie or edgy and fearless like Maddy, this Halloween will definitely be one to remember. 

8. Doja Cat as Choupette

Photo: John Shearer // Getty Images

In a unique twist, draw inspiration from Doja Cat’s fashionably feline look at the 2023 Met Gala. Paying tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic cat, Choupette, this look threads the lines of glamour and whimsy, combining feline elements with high-fashion extravagance.

9. Shiv Roy from Succession

Photo: HBO

With the ongoing success of the series “Succession,” channel your inner old money by dressing up as Shiv Roy. Embody the essence of wealth and power with a sophisticated and corporate-inspired look. What’s more, you can probably create this look with clothes in your existing wardrobe!

10. J. Robert Oppenheimer

Photo: Universal Pictures

Pay tribute to the scientific genius and historical figure by dressing up as J. Robert Oppenheimer. Opt for a 1940s-style suit, a vintage tie, and round glasses. Carry a prop “Top Secret” folder or a replica of the atomic bomb to complete the look.

Halloween is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the latest pop culture moments, and 2023 offers a wide array of creative and iconic costume ideas. Whether you choose to embrace the timeless appeal of Barbie & Ken or delve into the darker world of Wednesday Addams, these costume options are inspired by the year’s most significant trends in movies, TV shows, and music. So, get ready to celebrate Halloween in style!


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