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    Go Back To Dietary Guideline Basics. No More Fad Diets!

    The Internet is a great resource but with too much information on hand, people very often get confused as to what is true or untrue, effective or non-effective. This makes it hard for people who are trying to lose weight to decide whether a diet plan that is all the current rage is a feasible one based on sound principles or one that is simply a fad diet that is “all sound and fury” but “signifying nothing”. “A fad diet is a diet that promises fast weight loss without scientific basis,” explains Jean Tong, nutritionist and weight management programme manager with Halley Medical Aesthetics. “These diets often eliminate entire food…

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    Let’s Talk Muscles

    Mention “muscles”, and for most people, images of buffed women and men come to mind. But muscles by definition are small tissues made of fibres and are responsible for essential things like our ability to move. Despite the general association and to a certain point, misconception of muscles and fit bodies — we all have them. Muscles at work So how do muscles work? They work by contracting and relaxing. An example of muscle contraction at work is when you do a dumbbell curl. Do you notice how your biceps seem to stack up and look bigger at the top of the curling action? That’s the muscles fibres sliding together…

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