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Estee Lauder / Sandy Liang & Anna Sui

2023 saw the live-action revival of the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid” and with the box office hit came plenty of fashion and makeup inspiration. The good news is that the aquatic wonderland is here to stay for Spring 2024 thanks to the likes of Anna Sui’s “Octopus Garden”, and designers like Jason Wu and Sandy Liang. Mermaidcore will be all about a dewy, hydrated base, and glowing skin with a focus on the eyes. Take mermaidcore literally by playing with shimmery, colour-shifting pigments the colours of the sea or go for a subdued, sophisticated look with subtle iridescence and glossy lids. Take a leaf out of Sandy Liang’s book with “rhinestone barnacles” – haphazardly placed rhinestones around the models’ eyes and skin to create the effect of organically grown barnacles with the models as the canvas of the ocean floor. Finish the look off with some siren sexy wet hair slicked down with gel and some starfish clips to fully morph into the ethereal sea creature.

Bold Graphics

Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images & Filippo Fortis /

Are you ready for some bold statements? The Spring/Summer 2024 runway saw the rise of sharp bold wings, and graphic liners of all shapes and sizes as a must-have accessory. From the black rectangles at Helmut Lang to the modern twist on the cat eye at LaQuan Smith, prepare to stock up on your eyeliners next year because eyeliners and eyeshadows will be your best friends in 2024. If you are feeling even more creative, whip out some colour – the bolder, the better and experiment with negative space, shapes and asymmetry as seen on the runways of Versace, Philip Lim and Giorgio Armani. Remember, eyeliner and colour aren’t reserved solely for your lash line or your upper eyelids, so let your imagination run wild. Take it up a notch and match your eye look to your outfit, a little trick Helmut Lang employed to elevate his runway.

Witchy Beauty

Image by Marcelo Gutierrez on Instagram & Dior Beauty

Wednesday Adams was a popular Halloween costume this year and no less of an icon for fashion and beauty so it seems. Bringing the appeal of gothic beauty to the mainstream, dip your toes into the cauldron by swapping out fluffy falsies for spiky lashes, crisp cat eyes for smudgy liner and invest in a dark lip colour. Dior exemplified this trend beautifully for Spring/Summer 2024, with most of the focus directed to the lips while the rest of the face was kept minimal. That means no highlight or contour. To channel your inner witch, create the perfect vampy ombre lip. Start with a thin layer of black lip liner or eyeliner in the centre of your lips and blend it out with a deep purple lipstick. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be perfect, you’d want it to look smudged out and a little worn in. Finish the lip off by going with a lighter rosewood shade around the edges.

Asian Beauty Aesthetics

@jessyluxe on TikTok & mochiskin

While not quite a trend or a specific aesthetic, we’ve seen the boom of Asian beauty in the Western beauty landscape in recent years. To put it simply, hailing from the East and reigning in the West, Asian beauty is taking over the world. With the rise of beauty products like snail mucin essences and lightweight sunscreens, it is inevitable that Asian beauty aesthetics will trickle down into the mainstream with the help of TikTok and make their mark on the makeup world. From highlighting and contouring under-eye bags to achieve “aegyo sal” look to “dou-yin” makeup to create a more doll-like appearance, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more individuals rocking them out and about.


Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images & Getty Images

If you love balletcore, you’d be happy to hear that it is here to stay! While pale pinks and sheen are still essential to the aesthetic, 2024 is going to see the aesthetic mature with the passage of time. For starters, Sandy Liang and Christian Siriano incorporated ribbons in their show, everywhere. So make sure you have some handy! For makeup, a glowy base and cool-toned pinks for blushes, eyeshadows and lips are the only way to go. However, in the upcoming year, drum up the drama with your blush up and sweep it beyond your cheeks as makeup artist Romero Jennings did in the Kim Shui Spring 2024 show. Apply your blush in bold strokes and in a C-shape, carrying it from your cheekbones to around the outer corners of your eyes.