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Effective Acne Medications for Clear and Healthy Skin


Acne is a problem for many regardless of age. But when’s a good time to take acne medication or should we be even taking it?

Before we talk about acne medication, it’s important to understand what brings about acne in the first place. Androgens, commonly known as male hormones, are present in both males and females, and they regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands in our skin. When the androgen levels rise, acne is triggered. These levels often peak when we’re under stress, and the consumption of certain types of food are also thought to be a cause.

In addition, the accumulation of clogged pores due to an increase in sebaceous gland activity as a result of reduced skin cell turnover contributes to acne formation as well. This tends to make us want to wash our faces more often to get rid of the layer of sebum on our skin, but this actually worsens the problem! Each time the skin is washed, more sebum is produced to compensate for the lack of it on the skin. So, contrary to popular belief, repeatedly washing your face is not an option to save your skin!

That brings us back to the question of: when are acne medications prescribed?

Don’t wait till acne scars appear

After having looked deeper into this problem, we’ve actually learnt quite a few things about acne that may not be common knowledge to those who have simply given up on their acne problems or have wasted too much time trying out treatments that don’t improve the skin.

According to Halley Medical Aesthetics, many acne sufferers tend to have a bad case of acne scarring by the time they seek medical help.

That is why the aesthetics clinic advocates acne medications for acne conditions that are considered moderate to severe. This is when you see many inflamed pimples with pus or enlarged cysts on your face.

Oral medication also tends to benefit those who are suffering from severe forms of acne or already have extensive acne scarring. However, it is best to treat them with acne medication as soon as possible before acne scarring worsens. If you are unsure, consult the team at Halley Medical Aesthetics.

Nip acne problem in the bud

For mild cases of acne, though, it’s really better not to wait. Nip the problem in the bud right as it begins!

It’s definitely better to get treated early, than allow the acne scars to accumulate. Hence, for mild to moderate acne problems, topical treatment such as facial wash, antibiotic gel, and retinoid cream may be able to help keep the acne in check.

Keep acne scarring away, and begin your treatment now!


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