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Anti-ageing treatment fibs and why you should not believe them

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Anyone who has ever considered medical aesthetic treatments for anti-ageing would always first turn to the Internet to do research. They may talk to their friends and relatives, but nothing beats going up to the Worldwide Web because it is so instant and real.

But not everything you read and see online is real. And with so much information available, it is no wonder that people have misconceptions about anti-ageing treatments. To help clear the air, we share an interview with Dr. Terence Tan, Director of Halley Medical Aesthetics. In this story, he shares the three biggest fibs he always hears about anti-ageing treatments and why they should be declared untrue!

1) Hello Dr. Terence Tan, what are the top three most common myths or misconceptions you’ve heard about how medical aesthetic treatments can help us age gracefully?

Here is what I often hear:
1: No pain, no gain!
2: No downtime, no good!
3: Aesthetic treatments will make me look unnatural.

2) What is the truth really behind each myth then?

Myth #1: Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Good pain relief is paramount in every medical aesthetic treatment. Aesthetic patients are not sick, therefore every treatment should be made comfortable through adequate preparation. Performing procedures with a good technique and an appropriate power level, together with the use of numbing cream and medications, allows the doctor to perform a comfortable yet effective treatment.

Myth #2: This is not true.

Technological advancements and innovative treatment methods enable better results with less downtime.

Myth #3: A doctor needs to take into account the expectations of the patient.

While too little treatment would not meet the patient’s expectations, the doctor should also try not to “over-treat” the patient, “exceeding the expectations of the patient” in an undesirable way!

3) Why do you think these misconceptions come about?

Maybe it is due to watching too many YouTube videos! But seriously, these concerns are quite universal and stem from a time where treatment protocols were not quite as developed and treatments were not quite as sophisticated as they are today.

4) How can people looking for anti-ageing aesthetic treatments ensure that they don’t fall for fake news or counterfeit treatments?

Please do your research to, look for reputable doctors and clinics for your treatment. Do not be embarrassed to ask embarrassing questions about the origin of the equipment and their authenticity. A good doctor would take his time to answer these concerns prior to treatment. A good doctor would take his time to answer these concerns prior to treatment.


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