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    How to evaluate CoolSculpting fat reduction clinics in Singapore?

    Eight ways of evaluating aesthetic clinics for this fat reduction treatment in Singapore. Anyone who is looking for fat reduction treatments in Singapore would have heard of CoolSculpting by now. Based on the before-and-after photos of some people who have tried it, the result looks amazeballs! Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting fat reduction does not require any cuts or incision. All you need to do is lie down on a comfortable treatment bed and let the applicator, which is placed on your problem area, freeze the fat cells in that area. The dead fat cells are eventually removed from the body naturally, and you will see optimal results in about three months…

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    Stubborn fat? Burn it up. Body contouring? Bring it on.

    With the non-invasive fat reduction treatment, Vanquish, you can get rid of fat cells and achieve a more contoured body at the same time. What exactly is fat reduction? Vanquish is a fat reduction treatment, not a weight reduction or body slimming treatment. A big misconception about fat reduction is that it is the same as weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss only means a decrease in the size of our fat cells, but the number of fat cells in our body remains unchanged. Fat reduction, however, is the removal of fat cells from our body. It is easy to confuse weight loss with fat reduction, for many…

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    An Effective and Painless Weight Loss Guide

    Weight loss is never easy, and the two biggest factors that can affect your success are your determination and endless temptations. Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics understands this and the painful struggles with weight loss, so he has written a weight loss guide that balances your determination and the temptations to make it effective and painless. And you heard that right, weight loss can actually be painless, according to Dr. Terence Tan. “I eat healthily and exercise, why am I still not losing weight?!” More often than not, this is the first question that Dr. Terence Tan always got from his patients. And Dr. Terence Tan explained, “The main…

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    Why You Should Say No to Fad Diets

    What is the craziest thing you have ever done to lose weight? An entertainment artiste we spoke with recently shared that he started himself on an apple diet after reading about the “Five-day apple diet for weight loss” plan online. Although apples make up the bulk of the diet, this plan allows people to eat vegetables and other types of fruits and proteins. However, the artiste took it to the extreme, eating apples and only apples every single day. And he did it for a month. Yikes. At the end of this self-prescribed diet, the artiste admitted that he felt “really very miserable”. What was worse, he did not lose…

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    Five Ways To Make Exercise Part Of Your Daily Routine

    With your resolutions set for the new year, it’s time to push yourself to achieve what you have set. It may be easy to start but to maintain it, it needs time and effort. One good way is to integrate it into your daily routine. With that, you will find the joy in exercising and achieve a healthier, stronger, and fitter you! Check out the five ways you can make exercise part of your daily routine. Pair it with something you do every day What is that one thing that you do every day? Cooking dinner, watching your favourite TV drama, or surfing the net? Pair it with some simple…

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    Fit Into The Athleisure Trend

    When you combine two of the most successful and influential industries, you are bound to get a winner. That’s exactly what happened when sports and fashion come together to produce one of the most subscribed trends of our times – Athleisure wear.     The fashion of sports Athletes, in general, have long been admired and idolised, both for their feat on the sporting stage as well as their physical appearance. Perhaps it is this desire to emulate a favourite or celebrity athlete that drives people to be decked out in sportswear – tweaked to suit their everyday life.     It’s common these days, for example, to spot a…

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