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5 Simple Ways to Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

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With your resolutions set for the new year, it’s time to push yourself to achieve what you have set. It may be easy to start but to maintain it, it needs time and effort.

One good way is to integrate it into your daily routine. With that, you will find the joy in exercising and achieve a healthier, stronger, and fitter you! Check out the five ways you can make exercise part of your daily routine.

Pair it with something you do every day

What is that one thing that you do every day? Cooking dinner, watching your favourite TV drama, or surfing the net? Pair it with some simple exercises like a 30-second plank, 30 squats, or 15 leg lifts. For example, when watching your favourite show, you can do 15 leg lifts during each commercial break. Sneak in a 30-second plank, while waiting for your food to cook on the stove. The bottom line here is this: doing any form of exercise is better than nothing, and more is always better than less!

Wear your workout clothes to bed

No one said you could only wear pyjamas to bed. Wearing a set of comfy workout clothes to bed gives you no excuse to skip your morning workout. In the morning, you just need to roll out of bed, wear your shoes and you are all ready to head out for a run. Do the showering after your workout. This way, you save time in preparing for your workout in the morning. On a side note, you don’t have to do a full hour of cardio exercises. Even just a 15 minutes jog is beneficial for our body.

Choose a sport you enjoy

Doing a workout does not mean that you have to stick to regular exercises such as running or doing aerobics in the gym. It has to be something you enjoy. Take up salsa dancing or even pole dancing as a form of exercise. Own a pet dog? Bring it out for a jog at the park connector or the beach. If your workout is becomes something you dread and drag yourself into doing, you would not want to do it for the long-term. When you pick a sport or two that you enjoy and which fits your lifestyle, you will commit to it in the long run.

Make work out fun and inexpensive

Whoever said workouts are boring and costly? In this day and age, the internet is filled with numerous good instructional exercise video on pilates, yoga, Zumba, and more. Instead of surfing the web before bedtime, why not use a virtual instructor to guide you through a 15 minutes stretch before bed? Alternatively, get the family involved too. Gather the children for a yoga session every Sunday morning in the living room or get them to choose an activity they like each weekend. Not only is this good for your body, but it also strengthens family ties too.

Housework as a form for exercise

You may be surprised to learn this, but doing household chores is actually a great form of workout. Performing housework involves a lot of walking, lifting, and stretching, all of which are good workout for our body. There is no better way to sneak in a workout while keeping our home spick and span!

Jean Tong, Nutritionist
Halley Medical Aesthetics


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