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How Not to Wreck Your Skin with Halloween Makeup


Halloween is just around the corner. Although there will be no big parties this year with the COVID-19 measures in place, many of us still want to keep the Halloween spirit going by having small gatherings at home, or even just by taking a photo of our Halloween look for the ‘gram.

Halloween makeup is theatrical and fun, and Halloween is the one day we can turn into our alter egos without anyone judging us. However, do keep in mind that special effects makeup can wreak havoc on our skin and it is important to do the necessary pre and post makeup prep to keep our skin healthy and glowing after the big day.

1. Pick the right makeup

We use special effects makeup for Halloween only once a year and I understand why most of us don’t want to spend hundreds for just one night. But buying cheap special effects makeup may cause allergies and outbreaks on your skin. We aren’t saying that cheap ain’t good. Just pay attention to the ingredient list on the packaging before you decide to bring it to the cashier. Avoid products with comedogenic ingredients and occlusive ingredients that can cause acne.

2. Prep your skin

Do not downplay the importance of skincare before your Halloween makeup. Before slathering your face paint, use a gentle cleanser like the Hydration Gel Wash or the Ultra Tender Cucumber Cleanser from Halley Medical Aesthetics Brilliance skincare range to clean your face thoroughly. Strengthen your skin barrier function with Skin Barrier Defence, a ceramide-enriched toner that is moisture-rich to rehydrate and strengthen your skin. Follow up with a lightweight serum to nourish your skin. We recommend the Diamond+ C20 Serum for acne-prone skin, or the Nano Intense Stem Cells Serum for mature skin.

Last but not least, keep your skin hydrated and protect it against the heavy makeup with a moisturiser of your choice. We love the Antioxidant Peptide Cream, a firming moisturiser that minimises wrinkles and fine lines, and provides antioxidant skin protection. If you have dry skin, you may want to pick the Collagen Repair Cream, since it is highly moisturising and helps to minimise visible lines and wrinkles while maintaining the moisture balance of our skin

3. Do a double cleanse

Once your Halloween party is over, use a makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup. Wash your face but don’t just stop at that. Especially for heavy makeup, you should at least double cleanse or even triple cleanse your skin. With so much washing going on, pick a gentle cleanser like the Hydration Gel Wash that we mentioned above.

4. Nourish your skin

We prep our skin before our special effects makeup, but after having the heavy makeup sit on our skin the whole day, always give your skin a good pampering treat after all the hard work it did for us.

Give it a good masking session with the Rejuran Healing Mask and complete the rest of your skincare regime with your favourite skincare products before munching on your Halloween candies and watching the next Netflix horror flick to end the night. For optimal rescuing of your skin, Halley Medical Aesthetics also offers the Rejuran Healing Treatment Facial that incorporates the Rejuran Healing Mask with Rejuran Serum skin infusion and radiofrequency skin firming therapy, a great way to pamper your skin (and yourself!) and return the moisture and firmness to it!

Happy Halloween!


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