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How to Get a Perky Butt 

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Your bodycon dress and tight-fit jeans look so much better when you have a firm and perky butt. Think Kim Kardarshian and Sofia Vergara. 

However, training your glutes to achieve a firm and lifted rear end is more than just for aesthetics. Strong gluteal muscles help us in our forward movements and lower our risks of back injuries and pains.  

Our firm and perky derrière may start going downhill once ageing kicks in. Loss of muscle tone is the main culprit to our sagging buttocks, but fret not, all is not lost. The right exercise regime can take us back to our perky butt days although it is going to require some time and effort. 

We got the intel. Read on to discover how to get that firm and perky behind. We even included a treatment that can help you tone your muscles effortlessly (you heard it right!)!

Workouts for a perky butt

On top of your regular cardio to burn off the excess fat, you can spot tone your gluteal muscles and strengthen them to lift that saggy butt. Forget about bodyweight-only workouts, though. While glute isolation exercises are great, you will need some sort of weights like dumbbells, or even resistance bands to build muscles.  

Here’s a perky butt workout video by fitness influencer Chloe Ting to get you started.  

Tesla Muscle Former

For those who are suffering from injuries and are not able to exercise, or even those who are just looking for an extra push for gluteal muscles strengthening, we have the Tesla Muscle Former to our rescue. A 45 min Tesla Muscle Former treatment is equivalent to an intense workout with 75,000 times of muscles contraction. How does that sound to you? 

Tesla Muscle Former uses magnetic resonance stimulation to tone and shape, and increase the strength and volume of our muscles just like an intensive workout. Place the two applicators on your buttocks, and feel the intense pulses of contractions during the 45 min treatment. It is a very comfortable treatment, and you can go about your daily tasks immediately after that. 

Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Body Slimming Clinic explains how the Tesla Muscle Former works in the video below. Watch the video below to better understand how the Tesla Muscle Former can help us build muscle definitions and sculpt our body. 

Book an appointment with Halley Body Slimming Clinic for your Tesla Muscle Former treatment. 

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